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Kitchen Experiments

Do you ever find yourself in a cooking rut, making the same boring meals over and over? When that happens, we do kitchen experiments here at Five Feline Farm. No, not the mad scientist kind where you blend chemicals while cackling wildly. The mystery food ingredient kind of experiment. No, not the “wonder what this […]

A Twist on Eggs Benedict

Wondering what to do with the last of your Thanksgiving leftovers? Tired of just reheating the same old thing? Try a twist on Eggs Benedict.

5 Ways to Eat Healthier

Are you looking for simple steps you can do to make your life better, healthier and more productive? So are we. We are on a mission to improve our health by improving our diet. It is hard to make sweeping changes. Slowly the deprivation eats away at our willpower and before we know it, old […]