191-Decisions and Improvements


This episode of our podcast represents a turning point in our business.

We have learned it is good to periodically evaluate the areas where we invest our time, attention, effort and money. This is true not only for our business, but others. In fact, it is true for everyone in their daily lives. Some times we double down. Other times, like now, it is time to let something go.

That is where we find ourselves with our podcast, Farm Chatter. At time time, and for the foreseeable future, producing a weekly podcast is not a good investment for us.

We are not going anywhere. Five Feline Farm is growing and thriving. Freeing up some of our time and energy previously spent on the podcast will allow us to open up other creative avenues. We have a lot of ideas. We talk about some of those on this podcast.

Thank you to all who have listened faithfully. We appreciate your time and dedication.

Until next time,

Donna, Julia and the Felines