Five Feline Farm

Living and Promoting a Sustainable Life

015-Tater and Picture Talk

That’s right, we are talking taters today. And pictures. We are back again with our friends and mentors, Martha and Cheryl discussing how they support our business products. You will also hear reference to Cheryl’s photography. She has amazing pictures of our honeybees as well as other fine art on the websites below. Smug Mug […]

014-Meet Our Advisory Board

Every good business should have people who help guide, ask hard questions and support your vision. Today we introduce you to Martha and Cheryl, our advisory board. They have been along side us from the beginning of Five Feline Farm as we continually refine our goals and plans for what this venture is becoming. You […]

013-Finding Encouragement

When you’ve had a long hard week, encouragement is always welcome. Our spirits were buoyed by high school students at the beginning of the week and middle school students at the end. Thank you to everyone who made our week. In this episode we refer to a new video we uploaded to our channel on […]

012 Keyhole Gardening

On today’s episode, we discuss the new keyhole garden. You will learn about the design and how we are using it here at the Farm to grow fresh food. If you would like to have your own keyhole garden, kits are available at Gardener’s Supply.