Five Feline Farm

Living and Promoting a Sustainable Life

029-Lessons Learned

It’s easy to get mired down in emotional mud, looking at only the things to do, not all that has been accomplished. Today we talk about how we are trying to focus on what we can do, chunking tasks as necessary. If you would like to send us questions to be answered on this podcast, […]

028-Making Pasta Sauce

Now that tomatoes are in abundance, you need something to do with them. In this episode we discuss how we make pasta sauce without hours of watching a simmering pot. Don’t forget you can get a bonus mini-ebook each month when you support us on Patreon.

027-Talking Tomatoes

Hear all about our favorite varieties of tomato and why those work best for us. Plus, check out our new Patreon page. You’ll have a chance to get monthly exclusive mini-ebooks. Thanks for listening.

026-Finding Direction

One recent weekend, we made a quick trip to Donahue, IA to visit Miss Effie’s. This country escape offers cut flowers and more, but for us, the impetus was to learn about the business. This episode captures a fraction of that learning. Check out And if you have suggestions for us, please email at […]