Five Feline Farm

Living and Promoting a Sustainable Life

036-Dealing With Crisis

Today’s episode reveals how we managed to do all the things we needed to get done in a week, while also managing a family crisis. We discovered we can always squeeze in a little more by working creatively, accepting help and letting go of things that don’t absolutely need to be done. Thank you for […]

034-Naming the Farm

Flash back with us about how we named this business. We cover some of the most common questions about our name.

033-Taking Advantage of the Rain

A rainy day can be good for lots of things. Our regular Saturday morning Farmer’s Market was cancelled, so we made the best use of our time we could and did some home canning.

032-Future Events

We are scheduling upcoming events which are sure to be exciting. The corn crib name contest will run until October 1, 2018. Be sure to submit a creative name for the chance to win a cool prize. You’ll hear about our new partnership during Mercantile hours and much more. If you are so inclined, you […]