Five Feline Farm

Living and Promoting a Sustainable Life

Compost to Cooking and Back

Today Donna talks about how she builds compost using nothing but yard waste and kitchen scraps. Julia shares a recipe for a quick meal and creates more kitchen scraps. The circle of life continues.

Naming This Podcast

You have the opportunity to help us name this podcast. We are looking for a more creative name and have opened up a little friendly competition. In this episode we describe what we think the podcast will entail and how to enter. There will be a cool prize. Also, you will hear a little about […]

Garden Tasks and More-2-11-18

In this episode we discuss the latest garden tasks as well as the more mundane things we must do to maintain Five Feline Farm. You will also hear us reference Clyde’s Garden Planner. These are available at We welcome your comments and questions.

Episode 2 – Introducing Us – 2:4:18

Meet the owners of Five Feline Farm and hear about how the Farm got it’s unusual name. Stop by our on-line store at If you are interested in Julia’s book “Simply Delicious”, you can find it through this link: