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  • A New Feline Joins the Farm

    A New Feline Joins the Farm

    It was a story to tug the heart strings. Eighty plus cats rescued from a hoarder home in Southern Illinois. Nearing that fateful day when otherwise healthy cats would be euthanized for want of a home. We had just lost our Sassy after 15 years of love to the wasting of kidney disease. She was a…

  • Why is the World Dog-Centric?

    Why is the World Dog-Centric?

    Today’s post is a guest post by Five Feline Farm’s very own Sassy. She has a lot of opinions and isn’t afraid to let you know. I’m writing (actually dictating to one of my humans since it’s hard to type with paws) from the comfort of one of the greenhouses here at the Farm. It…

  • A Letter from Snowball

    A Letter from Snowball

    Five Feline Farm is pleased to host a guest post written by Snowball before he crossed to the Grand Catdom. Dear Five Feline Farm followers: If you are reading this letter, you will know that I have gone to a place where my bones no longer ache. I can eat again without choking and have…