044-Thanksgiving Recap

Our Thanksgiving food traditions. A feast for all.

In this episode we mentioned a roasted pepper jelly appetizer. You can find the recipe in Julia’s first book Simply Delicious and you can find that in the fivefelinefarm.com/mercantile in both ebook and print versions.

And the bonus coupon code for cyber Monday is “Thanks” for 10% off your online purchases in our Mercantile.

041-Continual Improvements

Every day we are looking for ways to improve our business; products, the Mercantile, marketing or even efficiency. You will also hear a bit about improved lighting in the studio.

Through the winter months, the onsite Farm Fresh Mercantile will be open on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays from 10AM to 3:00PM. Watch our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts for specials, including Whittaker Beef. Order beef, pork and chicken on line with them and pick up at Five Feline Farm when they are here.

Julia also described participating in NaNoWriMo and drafting her next book. To get her current books The Long Road to Market or Simply Delicious click here

040-Recapping the 1st Merc Anniversary

If you familiar with our debriefings after a day at the Farmer’s Market, you will enjoy this recap of the beginning of our Mercantile season. Throughout the winter months, our business transitions to our on farm store The Farm Fresh Mercantile, known as “the Merc” for short.

The first day was awe-inspiring with the number of people who came to the country to shop at the Merc and visit with friends.

Plus, we announced the name of the corn crib…the A-Maize-ing Grainery. Thank you to Linda Barrett and Shannon Storm for contributing the name. Thank you also to those who brought gifts that warmed our hearts and encouraged us.