181-Our Groundhog War

Hello again,

We are at war with Groundhogs. Whistlepigs. Woodchucks. Those are the nice names they are called here at Five Feline Farm. Given their damage to our gardens, a lot of not so nice names prevail.

Since the recording of this podcast, we found an additional breach. In the area they tunneled under the boardwalk, at least one then climbed the garden fence and munched on cucumber leaves. Until we personally witnessed them climbing redbud trees, we thought groundhogs were just that groundhogs. The one that went over the garden fence left behind claw marks and telltale fur.

More fencing, repellent granules, hot pepper and the sonic stakes we reference have been added to that area.

The sonic stakes do appear to be having some positive effect. We will continue to report on that in future episodes.

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Until next time,

Donna, Julia and the Felines

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