Five Feline Farm

Living and Promoting a Sustainable Life


*This is a repeat of the article originally published on December 12, 2018 and sent to email subscribers on December 13, 2018. Due to a wrinkle in the blogging universe, it did not display properly.* In my last post I referred to three areas of focus for us to improve our sustainable life style. Reducing […]

What does it mean to be sustainable?

What does it mean to be sustainable? Is it just a buzzword with no real meaning? At Five Feline Farm, it means something.

Make a Quick Nutritious Meal

Do you ever find yourself dragging in after work, tired, hungry and ready for a quick meal? Standing in front of the refrigerator, shuffling from one foot to the next, moving to the pantry and wishing for something to fly off the shelf ready to eat? The temptation to call for pizza delivery is strong. […]

From Isolation to Belonging

It’s become easy to isolate yourself with the ever present cell phones, facebook and many of us living miles away from our families. We tend to go about our business; work and keeping up with our own chores, forgetting about our deep need for connection. When this need to belong to a greater community than […]