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Cat Burglar Balm

All businesses must name their products. We tend to come up with some unusual ones for our products. One of these has garnered a lot of attention and questions recently: Cat Burglar Balm.  What is it?  Well, there’s a story if you have a few minutes. Back in the 14th Century the Bubonic Plague also known […]

How To Shop The Farmer’s Market

A Farmer’s Market can be overwhelming. Who has the best product? Who has the best prices? How do I know I am getting a good value for my dollar? This post will answer your questions.  Get to know the vendors. Ask questions about their products. Growers and market vendors should be able to answer your […]

How To Remove Seeds

Do you like seeds in your jam? I’ve only met one person who reported liking seeds in her jam. In fact she said “the more the better”. But most people seem to prefer seedless jam. The same is true for tomato sauce. No seeds. How do you remove all those tiny seeds? Blackberries, raspberries and […]

Fresh Tomato Sauce

Forget about that thin, tasteless, bland tomato-colored sauce you buy in a can. In only a few steps you can make your own, either to store for future use or eat immediately.  The current abundance of fresh, ripe tomatoes is the perfect time to create your own delicious and nutritious sauce. How many tomatoes do […]