Five Feline Farm

Living and Promoting a Sustainable Life

Bloody Mary Mix

What do you make when the tomatoes are still producing and the freezer is full of marinara sauce, the pantry is full of juice and the shelves are packed with salsa? Bloody Mary Mix This home made, home preserved seasoned juice is perfect for creating a classic cocktail. If you are not inclined to add […]

A Go-To Meal

Do you ever have times when life is too busy to even think? The days when one thing leads to another and another and another? Then out of nowhere it is time to eat. If you want to eat before midnight, you have to come up with something quick? For us, this also happens on […]

Food Preservation

There are many ways to preserve the bounty of the summer garden harvest. Freezing, canning, dehydrating, pickling and fermenting are a few of the most common. How do you decide which method of preservation to use? Pick a flavor. For example, carrots. Frozen carrots will taste slightly different than canned, but did you know you […]

Home Preserving

Do you remember when people talked about “putting things by”?  Perhaps this is just our own vernacular, but to us it means to preserve food for the future. Garden goodness in Central Illinois doesn’t last forever. We eat fresh vegetables from the garden during the growing season, but what about winter? Do we resort to […]