110-Time To Garden

Finally, spring is arriving in the Northern Hemisphere and it is time to get in the garden.

At Five Feline Farm, we are building new raised beds, transferring seedlings to the greenhouses from the basement grow station and rooting out invasive plants. What a great time!

Plus, the Farm Fresh Mercantile will be re-opening on March 7, 2020. If you are interested in ordering scones or mini-pies to pick up, contact us by 5:00PM on March 5.

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109-Spring Is Coming

Spring is just around the corner and we have been busy around the Farm. There is much to do this time of year and we are ready to be outside.

On March 7, 2020 the Farm Fresh Mercantile will re-open for the season. We will be open the first and last Saturdays in March from 10AM – 2PM. We will announce the April schedule soon.

During this episode we discussed a new email system and free ebook. If you are not already receiving updates through email, you can sign up by clicking on the picture below:

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108-Gearing Up For Spring

Finally, a break in the dreary weather allows us some time to do a few outdoor tasks. It is time to get tools ready, do early pruning, clean up garden beds and more.

While all of those tasks begin, we are still moving forward with speaking events and course building.

Mark your calendars for the first Mercantile opening of the season on March 7, 2020. We will be open from 10:00AM – 2:00PM. Looking ahead, our 2nd Annual Spring Fling will be April 18, 2020.

Keep coming back, it’s going to get interesting!

103-Garden Planning

It may be dark and dreary outside, but inside we are busy planning for the upcoming garden season.

On today’s episode you will hear about what is underway with starting seedlings plus a bit more about our decluttering efforts.

If you are interested in the Coles County Master Gardener’s Spring into Gardening day on February 15, you can get more information here.

Don’t forget to shop our online Mercantile and get free shipping in January on orders over $25, just use the code SHIP25.

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