Update from the Farm

The New Year is here and these cold winter months are good for completing inside chores. Here’s the latest list from the Farm:

  • Order seeds–The favorite seed source for Five Feline Farm is Sustainable Seeds. This company seems to practice the good things of sustainable living–organic seeds, heirloom varieties and a wide selection. No catalogs are printed as another way to be sustainable and support the environment. Check them out at http://www.sustainableseedco.com


  • Set up the germinating station-The grow lights are on warming up the germinating mix from http://www.gardenerssupply.com Soon tiny seedlings will appear and be nurtured until spring.


  • Clean and organize-This task applies to the whole house. Time to sort out those unused items and clear out the clutter. Goodwill here we come.


  • Do a home improvement project–A significant project in the basement was completed by replacing a wall of cheap wipe off board with beautiful high gloss carsiding.


  • Make a resolution-Mine is to craft more regular blog posts.

What is on your to do list? Drop us a comment to share.



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