eSCAPE to the Farm

Escape to Five Feline Farm to experience a GARLIC SCAPE.

Mentioning garlic scapes draws a puzzled look from many folks. They don’t seem to know about using garlic scapes. Or for that matter what these delectable little morsels are anyway.


Scapes are the white end of the garlic plant that looks somewhat like it is about to bloom. It is best removed to encourage the plant to pour energy into developing the bulb under ground. The scapes can be used whole when picked young and tender. Snap the end of the stalk off as you would asparagus. Recipes are available on the internet to saute or pickle these.


Here on the Farm we wait until the scape is filled with bulbils and the papery covering starts to split. Peel back the papery covering and snap apart individual bulbils.


How to Use:

~Add to fried potatoes for a light garlic flavor.
~Saute a handful with sliced mushrooms in olive oil to use as a topping for steak.
~Include in a soup or stew.
~Toss in a warm bacon salad dressing with fresh salad greens.

What other ideas would you suggest?


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