A Letter from Snowball

Five Feline Farm is pleased to host a guest post written by Snowball before he crossed to the Grand Catdom.

Dear Five Feline Farm followers:

If you are reading this letter, you will know that I have gone to a place where my bones no longer ache. I can eat again without choking and have the energy to run and play.

I dictated this to one of my humans so that all of the readers of the Five Feline Farm blog could know my thoughts as my time at the Farm draws to a close.

I have four furry friends who share this Farm with me and the two humans. One is my twin brother, his name is Phantom. Most of the time we fight, but really I love him and I’m pretty sure he loves me.

My best furry friend is Thumper. The humans say we are married which kind of cracks us up, because they only think they know about our feline relationships. Whatever. We go along with it to keep them happy. Thumper and I have talked a lot about what is going to happen with me. I can feel my energy slipping away and I know that soon I will not be living in this dimension. Thumper has agreed that she will take care of the humans as long as she can.

Thumper has a daughter named Sassy. She is a funny girl and I like to watch her pounce on things. We’ve kind of had a love/hate relationship. When we all lived in town, I have to admit I bullied her, but since we moved to Five Feline Farm, she has turned the tables on me. As the humans say, “turn about is fair play”. But from time to time, when Sassy catches a mouse, she lets me have the first crunch. We don’t tell the humans about this.

The youngest in our family is Reine. This fall she started having health problems that Doc says is “diabetes”. Before I lose my ability to speak from the tumors in my throat, I plan to talk with her about doing her part in taking care of the humans. I doubt they will be able to stand two of us moving to the Grand Catdom so close together.

Now a bit about the humans. I love them both. They give me a warm place to sleep, a safe area to play and plenty to eat. I don’t understand some of their rules, like “no cats in the kitchen” but since they pay the mortgage for us, I try to follow these insane rules the best I can.

One of my humans lets me sleep with her, right up on her pillow. This makes me feel special and I can tell that she understands how comfortable it makes me. I don’t really get why she jumps when I check her pulse under her arm in the morning. I just want to make sure that she is ok. But she jumps and says that tickles.

It is hard for me to think about leaving my family, both furry and human. But I know that in time their grief will heal and they will think of me in my youth and my health. I have lived a full life and I am ready to pass through the dark curtain as is the custom for all animals.

I will see you all on the other side.

Love and meow,


Note from the humans: Snowball Jacob passed through the dark curtain to the Grand Catdom on December 17, 2013. He was a much cherished member of our family and a charter cat of Five Feline Farm. We will miss you always.

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