A Twist on Eggs Benedict

Wondering what to do with the last of your Thanksgiving leftovers? Tired of just reheating the same old thing? Try a twist on Eggs Benedict.

It’s that time of year again. The Thanksgiving leftovers never seem to end. If you are looking for something new, read on. Below is an excerpt from the inaugural book of Five Feline Farm Press: Simply Delicious by Julia Miller.

One year I stood in front of the refrigerator door. My mission: find something different to eat after 2 days of re-heated Thanksgiving leftovers. Frankly I just couldn’t stomach even one more plate of my favorite noodles. I shifted from one foot to the other. Thinking, wishing for something else in the refrigerator. Close the fridge and head to the pantry. Nope. Nothing there sets off the salivary glands. Back to the fridge.

After a relentless loop of trips between the fridge and the pantry, I started dragging out all the leftover containers. I might as well clean out the fridge while I’m at it. A corner of dressing, a few slices of ham, a scoop of mashed potatoes start my synapses firing. I wonder if that dressing could be cut with a round cookie cutter? What about a riff on Eggs Benedict? The following recipe was born.

Thanksgiving Leftovers Benedict

Serves 4

2 cups leftover sage dressing

2 cups mashed potatoes

4 pieces of turkey or ham

4 eggs

1/2 cup hollandaise sauce

Cut leftover dressing into rounds with a biscuit cutter. Toast in a 425º oven until warmed through and lightly browned. Meanwhile, pat out mashed potatoes into a half inch layer and cut with biscuit cutter. Coat both sides of potato cakes with cornmeal and fry in a blend of olive oil and butter. Add ham or turkey slices to the pan while cooking the potato cakes to warm the meat. For each “leftover Benedict” layer a slice of meat and a potato cake on each of the dressing rounds. Top with a poached or scrambled egg and hollandaise sauce.

There are many more recipes in Simply Delicious plus stories about how the food at Five Feline Farm is created. Simply Delicious is available in both print and digital formats at Amazon.com or in our online Mercantile. You can also see more food creations on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.