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Fresh Tomato Sauce

Forget about that thin, tasteless, bland tomato-colored sauce you buy in a can. In only a few steps you can make your own, either to store for future use or eat immediately.  The current abundance of fresh, ripe tomatoes is the perfect time to create your own delicious and nutritious sauce. How many tomatoes do […]

Tea Tree Oil Balm

 Are you interested in using more natural products to replace chemicals in your life?  So are we.  In fact, to that end we have created a line of skin care balms with all natural ingredients. Most are infused with essential oils for a variety of uses.  Below is an unsolicited but used with permission, customer […]

Treating Honeybee Stings

Honeybee stings happen. Being prepared with a quick treatment will reduce pain, itch and swelling. But I’m allergic to honeybees! This is something we hear all the time. There is allergic and then there’s ALLERGIC. Be sure to know the difference in a localized allergic reaction and an allergy to bee venom that causes a […]

Groundhogs in the Garden

Every garden has its pest and ours at this moment is groundhogs. If you don’t know what a groundhog is, think beaver with a short stubby furry tail. Groundhogs are a member of the rodent family.  They get the hog part of their name honestly. They are hogs when it comes to munching on tender […]