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Challenge is the Key Word

Have you found it challenging to plan meals in advance? A couple of weeks ago, I issued a challenge on this blog and our social media accounts. I challenged our fans to follow along as I plan on Sunday for meals during the week ahead. The first week found me in the kitchen making snack […]

Week 1 of the Menu Challenge

Last week I issued a challenge to myself to plan the week’s meals in advance. Many of you joined me in this challenge. Thank you to everyone who posted your menus and ideas. Here’s what I learned in this very first week. Start Earlier I did a lot of thinking about my plan but I […]

Menu Planning Challenge

Last week, I described our focus on food, taking on the “foodie” label. Growing, preserving, eating and selling food drives much of what we do here at the Farm. With all this abundance, meal planning should be a breeze. There is no reason to plod from refrigerator to freezer, to the pantry and back again […]

Five Feline Farm Foodies

We are foodies. Our farm is all about food. Growing food, planning for food, selling food at the Farmer’s Market or our own Mercantile, preserving food, and yes, of course eating food. During these dark, cold Winter days we continually look for ways to improve our food production. We plan for the growing season and […]