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All About Pie

“Despite my changing tastes and desire to get away from using processed foods,  pie crust is an exception. I don’t make pie often, so it truly is a treat. Shortening just makes better, more tender and flaky pie crust in my opinion. I have used lard a time or two but I still prefer Crisco […]

Get Your Scones and Pies!

Did you know we only bake to order for the Farm Fresh Mercantile? In Illinois there are several rules and regulations that govern selling food. This ranges from commercial food processing to restaurant kitchens to food trucks all the way down to cottage food permits and home based operations. Five Feline Farm operates under the […]

Sunshine Mary

Are you tired of tomatoes yet? We are not. It is nearly October and the tomato season is not over. Yes, the tomatoes are smaller and fewer, but it is still possible to have a warm, fresh tomato straight from the garden. It seems the yellow and orange ones are more prevalent now so it […]

Bloody Mary Mix

What do you make when the tomatoes are still producing and the freezer is full of marinara sauce, the pantry is full of juice and the shelves are packed with salsa? Bloody Mary Mix This home made, home preserved seasoned juice is perfect for creating a classic cocktail. If you are not inclined to add […]