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To Be Encouraged

I have been thinking a lot about encouragement lately. So much so I even had to look up the definition. Sometimes knowing the history of a word helps to see the word in a new way. Merriam Webster says encouragement can mean something that makes someone more determined, hopeful or confident, or even more likely […]

Making Sourdough Bread, Part 2

A follow up to last week’s description of sourdough bread trials.

Making Sourdough Bread, Part 1

Bread is often referred to as the staff of life. It is one of our oldest foods, dating back to the time when people discovered grinding grain into flour, mixing that flour with water and baking it into a palatable mass. Not only is bread an old food, it is the base for many a […]

What I Did With the Tomatoes

Last week I posted about using up the last of the home grown garden tomatoes. As part of the final garden tasks for the year, the plants were removed and the last green tomatoes harvested. These slowly ripen in the garage allowing us the opportunity to have fresh, local tomatoes through a winter freeze. Attempting […]