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  • 124-Eat Local and In Season

    124-Eat Local and In Season

    Spring has finally arrived and fresh vegetables are becoming available. In this episode we discuss what it means to eat seasonally. All vegetables are not available at the same time. Some foods are a treat and a delicacy, only available in Spring. Right now, we have chive blossoms, tender salad blend lettuce, radishes and spring…

  • Spring Garlic—What Is It And How To Use It

    Spring Garlic—What Is It And How To Use It

    Spring Garlic is similar to green onions in appearance, but with a mild garlic flavor. As a bonus, they are prolific growers, so you can have these year after year.

  • 071-Market Garden and More

    Today you will hear what is coming fresh from the garden both for our kitchen and the 18th Street Farmer’s Market. If you want to read more about garlic scapes that we discussed, go here. And congratulations to Alyssa for naming one of our beehives “Cats Eye”. Cowbell for you! Until next time….

  • Garlic Scapes

    Did you know garlic plants provide much more than just the part that is commonly available in grocery stores? It’s true. There is more to this fragrant plant than what comes in the papery bulb. What Are Garlic Scapes? Garlic scapes are the tender end of the shoot in hard neck garlic varieties. As the…