How To Achieve Sore Muscles in 3 Easy Steps

The large goldfish pond needed an update with an improved water feature and pump/filtration system. It has been losing water and the cattails were out of control.

Step 1. Cut out cattails.

This is easier said than done. Cattails develop a gnarly set of roots that entwine anything in their path. Imagine 18 inch thick water laden roots wrapping around softball size rocks. Add in a 40 degree air temperature, 25 degree windchill and cold water. We cut, we tugged, we pulled with a winch. The cattails are now history.

Step 2. Dig holes.

The skimmer and waterfall basin were dug in, leveled and plumbed. This required pulling back the liner, excavating a cavity just the right size for the equipment, installing and attaching plumbing. See #1 above for air temperature and windchill. At least this step did not involve being in the water.

Step 3. Move rocks.

Rocks around the pond were replaced and arranged to cover the liner. These rocks range from basketball to golf ball size with weight varying accordingly. Picture yourself (or us) kneeling and bending to move rocks. First out of the way, then back into place. Some of these moves gave a whole new meaning to the term “rock and roll”.

Bonus Step 4. Refill

Now that the equipment is in place, holes in the liner sealed, and pond plants back under control, the pond is ready to bring the water level back up. One final step to complete before full operation is to seal the waterfall. Minimum required temperature is 65 degrees, so that will wait a few days.

There you have it. Sore muscles abound, but the end result will be worth the effort.

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