Naming the Farm

Where did the name Five Feline Farm originate?

Five cats call this place home. There was no deliberate plan to get five, it just happened. Of the current group, Snowball

20130609-094220.jpgand Phantom

20130609-094549.jpgcame first. Their mother started hanging around when we lived in town and delivered these two boys. Although there were some limited attempts to find them new homes, they stayed.

Snowball then brought home a tabby we called Thumper.

20130609-094714.jpgAt first she was fearful of people and would not permit touch for the longest time. She had three kittens before her operation. Sassy

20130609-094838.jpgremained in the family while her brothers found a new home.

In 2005, after the Farm was purchased but before the house, we made a stop to pick raspberries on the way to a local campground. A loud gray kitten came out of the barn and right to us. No other cats were around. We couldn’t just leave her alone with the rats and foxes, so she went camping that night. After a brief supervised introduction, Reine

20130609-094938.jpghas become a permanent member of the family.

So here we are with five cats and a hobby farm.

The farm has become an expression of our interests and creativity. Business opportunities abound. But everything needs a name. We started with just referring to the place as “the farm” even before the house was built. After living and working on the property for awhile and the cats being such an integral part of the family, we decided on the name Five Feline Farm


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