Natural Pest Control

On Five Feline Farm we strive to do things as naturally and organically as possible. To this end we use a natural pest control system across the Farm. This involves companion plantings, sprays that are made of natural sources and working with nature instead of against.

In the garden we had put up clanging pans to keep the birds from picking the newly planted seeds out of the garden. This was effective just after planting until the seedlings came up. At this point we noticed worms in the garden feasting on the plants. Removing the pie pans did the trick. Now the birds eat the worms and we have no need for a chemical spray.

Japanese beetles will destroy many plants and our first concern was grape vines. The traps for these pests seems to draw them instead of fight them, so we have concocted a spray that will address this. A solution of chopped onion, minced garlic, cayenne pepper and Dawn dish soap in water misted over the plants effectively repels these pests. The beetles drop off as soon as they are hit with this stinky spray.

In February, the fruit trees require a dormant spray as a pest repellant. Before the trees start to bud, this spray will prevent eggs from hatching that have been laid in the tree. This prevents disease and infestation. This spray is done early before the budding so that it does not interfere with pollination. The natural spray we use is Dawn dish soap, canola oil and water solution.

For weed control we have nearly discontinued the use of Roundup in favor of rock salt. A strong salt solution will kill weeds. In a brick sidewalk, just sweep the salt into the cracks allowing rain or ground moisture to saturate. For a spray, dissolve salt into warm water and spray as needed to kill weeds.

As a small test for the followers of Five Feline Farm: what is in the picture below and how can it be used to control pests? Post an answer on our Facebook page or below this post.



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