Farm Tours and Future Plans

Two weeks ago we hosted a tour of Five Feline Farm for the EIU Academy of Life Long Learning. Twenty participants were treated to a presentation about the bees and life on the Farm.


One question posed by a number of participants was “where are you going with this hobby farm concept?”. The honest answer at this time is “we don’t know” but we plan to keep doing it and see where it leads. So far growth has been organic. What interests us and motivates us is to learn or experience new things. Sometimes you really just don’t know what your destination is until you arrive.


Everyone seemed to enjoy the history of the Farm and seeing the progress that has been made in such a short period of time. The land was a wreck, wild and untamed in 2002. After being able to move here in 2008, more progress is made every day.

We do have plans to increase bee friendly plantings. The south garden area will be expanded in the spring to include a series of raised beds with more flowers, pumpkins, gourds and anything else that strikes our fancy. This area will likely also see a garden shed with a porch and swing.

Another priority is to refurbish the John Deere Box wagon and convert it to a produce stand. It is time to start finding ways for Five Feline Farm to generate some income.

Drop us a note in the comment box and let us know your suggestions for the future of Five Feline Farm.


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