Let’s Start a Revolution!

Remember customer service?

Attendants pumped gas, checked your oil, put air in the tires and water in the radiator.

The era when all grocery stores had people who not only checked out your groceries but also bagged them and carried them to your car?

A time when shop owners knew their products and were willing to talk to you about them. Actual honest-to-goodness human conversation.

Do you miss those times?

We do. At least some of the time. Really we just want a choice to go to those places when we want. There is definitely a place in our world for drive up or grab and go, but surely there is also a place for customer service.

We’ve moved into a self-serve society. It is the inevitable result of our desire for fast-pace and instant gratification. There is no more free service. We bag our own groceries, use the self-check lanes, pump our own gas, and are shocked if a greeter at a retail store actually speaks to us. We can even order the vast majority of our needs on Amazon to have it arrive on our doorstep with no human interaction.

At Five Feline Farm we strive to bring back service. We know our products because we make them and would love to tell you all about the BEEk balm or scones. Just ask about when the basil and tomatoes were harvested. You will get the answer you won’t receive at the big box store.

You work hard and deserve to have someone take an interest in you and your needs. Maybe even help you feel a little pampered. Our goal is to be small scale, high quality and provide you with a positive experience.

We want to provide quality, service and conversation.

But it goes beyond our service to you. We want to start a revolution.

A revolution of kindness. Isn’t that what service is all about?

What can you do today to serve someone?

Start small–

Smile at someone.

Hold a door.

Ask someone how they are and really listen to their answer.

Join our revolution.

Give us a shout on social media or email and let us know what you did today to join our revolution.

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