Have you ever eaten a flower?

Many flowers are edible and if you are unfamiliar with eating flowers, start with chive blossoms. These light purple flowers are more than just a pretty decoration at the end of an oniony stalk. They are easy to pick and clean, plus beautiful in a salad, on potatoes or even just sprinkled around a plate for garnish.

To use, pick whole blossoms by pulling gently at the base of the flower to pop off the entire bloom. Give them a quick rinse and dry on a paper towel or drying rack. You can even use a salad spinner.


After most of the bloom is dry (don’t worry about every drop of water evaporating), grasp the stem end in one hand and pluck out the tiny blossoms with the other. These individual blooms will pull out several at a time.


Then add to your favorite dish. Like potatoes grilled in foil. With melty cheese.

What flowers do you eat?