Five Feline Farm

Living and Promoting a Sustainable Life

078-Farm Expansion

This episode marks a milestone in the Five Feline Farm business. We are expanding exponentially at this time. We are moving into a new office space, consolidating our workspace and materials plus adding a new Farmer’s Market in Casey, IL. Until next time….

077-Fresh Food on the Farm

It is that time of year when fresh food straight from the garden abounds, although the unusual amount of rain has delayed some of our crops. Listen in as we talk about what we are harvesting, using and storing. In particular we review a recent dish with small gourmet potatoes and garlic as well as […]

076-Retirement Projects

Everyone asks about what we will do in retirement. It’s not really retirement for us but a career change to full time farmers and building the Five Feline Farm business. Our first major task is to build a fence to keep the groundhogs out of the garden. Pesky little creatures. Keep coming back…it’s going to […]

075-Market Business Decisions

There are times in this business that we have to make decisions about the business based on the weather. How much to take to market when the forecast is rain? Do we cancel entirely? On this episode we discuss how we make those decisions. On occasion, we wish we had chosen differently, but we always […]