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069-Honeybees and First Farmer’s Market

Catch up on the most recent events at Five Feline Farm. We re-queened a beehive, attended our first farmer’s market and endured a mishap at the market. If you are listening to this episode before midnight on May 31, 2019, you have the opportunity to win a prize if you submit the winning name for […]

068-It’s Farmer’s Market Time!

We are ready and excited to be part of the 18th Street Farmer’s Market again this year. The gardens are producing early crops like lettuce blend, radishes, rhubarb, and spinach. Tomatoes are being planted this week along with the peppers. As always we will have our jams nearly world famous scones. Come out and see […]

067-Honeybees Return to the Farm

We’ve had an eventful week here at Five Feline Farm. A new colony of honeybees being hived. Donna received the Paul Overton award from the School of Continuing Education at EIU. And a snake incident. It’s going to get interesting…

066-Attending the Mother Earth News Fair

Over the past weekend we attended the Mother Earth News Fair in Asheville, NC. We have been long time Mother Earth News readers and also attend as many of the Fairs as possible. The Fair is for homesteaders, naturalists, market gardeners, beekeepers, those interested in self-sufficiency and sustainability as well as people interested in improving […]