Five Feline Farm

Living and Promoting a Sustainable Life

113-SPECIAL EDITION-Getting Through The Crisis

Between the rainy weather and the Coronavirus, we are looking for things to do here on the Farm. We decided on a special edition of Farm Chatter. We will keep our regular Monday morning podcasts coming, but periodically we are throwing in a bonus. If you are still interested in ordering through our online Mercantile, […]

112-Our Response To The Coronavirus Crisis

We are a small business, but have decided that we can do our part to help break the cycle of transmission. In that effort, we have decided not to open on March 21 as originally scheduled. Our online Mercantile is always open and we are offering free shipping on orders over $10.00. The code is […]

111-Mercantile Season Is Here

We are enjoying the Spring weather and getting as much done as possible in between rains. In addition, we have opened the Mercantile for the first time this season. Today’s episode is a review of the last week here on the Farm and how excited we are to keep moving forward. Keep coming back…it’s going […]

110-Time To Garden

Finally, spring is arriving in the Northern Hemisphere and it is time to get in the garden. At Five Feline Farm, we are building new raised beds, transferring seedlings to the greenhouses from the basement grow station and rooting out invasive plants. What a great time! Plus, the Farm Fresh Mercantile will be re-opening on […]