Five Feline Farm

Living and Promoting a Sustainable Life

086-Interview At Miss Effie’s

This week’s podcast is a real treat. We had the opportunity to visit with Cathy and Cliff Lafrenz at Miss Effie’s Fresh Flowers and Garden Stuff in Donahue, IA. They are role models for us in what we do here on our farm, plus they are just fun people. We recorded this podcast outdoors in […]

085-Being Vulnerable

Today’s episode continues our discussion on vulnerability. Although most of our efforts are very successful, we also experience fails and embarrassment. So here it is folks, us being us and being real. You will also hear one of the cats interject her opinion. Until next time….

084-Let It Go

Today’s episode is a thoughtful examination of some of our own vulnerabilities and how we react to negative comments. Building a business that exposes us to the public opens up the possibility of criticism. Hearing constructive criticism is one thing, but there are times that we receive less than gracious comments. Those are hard to […]

083-Planning for Fall

The summer season of Farmer’s Markets is coming to a close and we are preparing for fall. Not only cool weather crops in the garden, but the Farm Fresh Mercantile season. We will open on October 12, 2019 with a grand re-opening event that you won’t want to miss. Please share with your friends and […]