Five Feline Farm

Living and Promoting a Sustainable Life

040-Recapping the 1st Merc Anniversary

If you familiar with our debriefings after a day at the Farmer’s Market, you will enjoy this recap of the beginning of our Mercantile season. Throughout the winter months, our business transitions to our on farm store The Farm Fresh Mercantile, known as “the Merc” for short. The first day was awe-inspiring with the number […]

039-Losing Honeybees

Today we share the loss of our honeybees. It has been a difficult thing to think about and an impact on our business. The hives have been part of our Farm for several years so it is very sad to be outside in the garden and not hear the buzzing all around as they work […]

038-Positive Improvement

We’ve had a good week, things are looking up and we share a few fun facts. Shoutouts to Alyssa for being a Patreon supporter and Barb for giving us positive feedback on our Tea Tree Oil balm. If you are interested in Julia’s latest book, The Long Road to Market, it is available on Amazon, […]