Five Feline Farm

Living and Promoting a Sustainable Life

104-Product Experiments and More

We have been busy on these long dreary winter days creating new products in both the kitchen and basement lab. This episode gives you a peek into those ideas, plus our efforts on building the Spring Into Gardening workshop and our upcoming online courses. If you would like to attend Spring Into Gardening on February […]

103-Garden Planning

It may be dark and dreary outside, but inside we are busy planning for the upcoming garden season. On today’s episode you will hear about what is underway with starting seedlings plus a bit more about our decluttering efforts. If you are interested in the Coles County Master Gardener’s Spring into Gardening day on February […]

102-The Declutter Report

In our last episode we issued a challenge to ourselves and our listeners. During the month of January we would spend 20 minutes a day (in recognition of the year 2020) to work on decluttering. We heard from several of you that you have joined the challenge. What fun! Here at the Farm, we’ve been […]

101-Looking Forward to 2020

This episode looks forward to the new year, not with resolutions, but plans. We discuss the things we are doing to learn more to further our growth. We are watching Masterclass video lessons, reading books and exploring other conference opportunities. We are also on a decluttering mission. Join us in our challenge to declutter at […]