Five Feline Farm

Living and Promoting a Sustainable Life

140-Fall Progress

We have been busy as always at the farm, cleaning out areas of the property that need attention. This time we had much appreciated help from a couple of guys who have the equipment to do tasks much faster than we can. You will also hear an update on the honeybees and what happens when […]

139-Old Time Skills Are In Vogue Again

This year, 2020 has been like no other. We have operated with a mindset of modern homesteading for a number of years. For us, modern homesteading means to practice as many of the skills of our ancestors as possible while still using modern conveniences. For example, even though most of the bread we eat is […]

138-Our Latest Accomplishments

Even when we don’t think we are making progress, when we look back on the week, we realize there are many things we actually accomplished. From tomatoes, to carrots, to sweet corn, we continue to harvest and process food. Any excess is available at the farmstand in the corn crib. We will be open September […]

137-Checking Our Priorities

Sometimes things come along in life that make you think. Think about life. And priorities. This past week was one of those times for us. Losing a family member is never easy and when it happens suddenly, well, it makes you think more about how you spend your own days. In this episode we talk […]