Five Feline Farm

Living and Promoting a Sustainable Life

073-Cooking Fresh From the Garden

Wow, how quickly time flies by. This podcast was supposed to post on Monday the 17th, but here we are at Tuesday already. Thank you for sticking with us. On this episode we talk about how we cram as much as possible into every moment of every day but still take time to make mealtimes […]

072-Honeybees are Thriving

A full inspection of our three hives revealed two of the three are thriving, while the third one is gaining ground. We give a report on management of hive beetles and our efforts to help the third hive survive. Along the way, you will hear us talk about a few of the things honeybees pollinate […]

071-Market Garden and More

Today you will hear what is coming fresh from the garden both for our kitchen and the 18th Street Farmer’s Market. If you want to read more about garlic scapes that we discussed, go here. And congratulations to Alyssa for naming one of our beehives “Cats Eye”. Cowbell for you! Until next time….

070-We Are Going Full Time

It’s official. The excitement at Five Feline Farm is building. In a few short weeks, we will both be full time farmers. We’ve been having a lot of fun preparing for this announcement and on this podcast you will hear a description of what’s been happening in Facebook posts. Until next time…