140-Fall Progress

We have been busy as always at the farm, cleaning out areas of the property that need attention. This time we had much appreciated help from a couple of guys who have the equipment to do tasks much faster than we can.

You will also hear an update on the honeybees and what happens when they forage Goldenrod.

The gardening season is coming to an end, at least for producing enough to sell. We will continue to have greens for our own use through most of the winter, but the protected areas are not large enough to go beyond that.

Keep your calendars marked for October 10, 2020 for the 3rd annual Farm Fest. It will be a bit smaller scale this year than originally planned but we are moving forward. You will hear more about this on the next episode.

Until next time….see ya.

Donna, Julia and the Felines

130-Mid Summer At The Farm

It’s hard to believe it is July already. Where has the year gone?

Today’s podcast gives you a quick review and update on our current activities. Beekeeping, gardening, the Mercantile and more.

The Mercantile is open every Friday from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM. We still offer curbside pickup as well as a climate controlled, safe shopping experience inside the Mercantile.

You can also order online!

Many of our nonfood products can be shipped if you can’t make it out to the farm.¬†Our aim is to serve you.

So come out to the farm and see where your food is grown. We do small batch, high quality products.

Until next time….

Donna, Julia and the Felines

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128-A Week In A Day

Did you ever have one of those days that just went on and on? We had one just this past Thursday.

The good news is that at the end of the day, we had accomplished many things, even though it took all day.

As we move forward we are excited to move back into the climate controlled Mercantile on Fridays from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. On Friday, June 26, the featured baked item will be mini-pies. Check the online store to order.

You can also monitor our social media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find out what is happening at the Farm.

Until next time….

Donna, Julia and the Felines

127-Report From The Bee Yard

It has been a busy week here at Five Feline Farm. We are in full swing with the Farmer’s Market and our onsite store.

In this episode we discuss another large part of our Farm: Honeybees. We completed a major reset of one of our hives and it was an adventure!

Don’t forget to monitor all of our social media accounts for daily news updates. We will also be posting the Saturday scone flavors as well as the Friday Farm baked goods special. June 19, 2020 we will debut English Muffins. Available by pre-order only and in limited supply.

Until next time….

Donna, Julia and the Felines

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