144-Fall in Full Swing

We are into late October now and the garden season is changing. Frost and freezing weather forced us to harvest all remaining summer produce, but many other things are in season.

Garlic and perennial onions are now in the ground, persimmons and black walnuts are plentiful.

Our attention is turning to planning for winter and beyond. One thing we are working on how we will share what we have learned about starting our business. If you are interested in beginning your own, let us know. More information will be coming over the next few weeks, so stay tuned.

Congratulations to our contest winners!

Until next time,

Donna, Julia and the Felines

Persimmon Pulp

Now that the frost has sweetened the persimmons and seeds have been cut for winter forecasting, it is time to make pulp.


Pulping is a problem. Wild persimmons are small and full of seeds. I have tried several methods none of which are satisfactory. The Juice Mate clogs, a colander smears the pulp around inside and not through the holes. I usually resort to using my hands. This is a messy proposition at best.

A neighbor reports using a food mill finding this a reasonably efficient way to extract pulp from the skin and seeds. I am going to try this method for the ones stored in the refrigerator. I would be willing to collect more and develop more recipes if the pulp was easier to obtain.

Persimmon and black walnut would be a great, timely pairing for fall foods at Five Feline Farm.

What methods do you use to extract persimmon pulp? Do you have a favorite persimmon recipe?

Please share in the comments section.