Persimmon Pulp

Now that the frost has sweetened the persimmons and seeds have been cut for winter forecasting, it is time to make pulp.


Pulping is a problem. Wild persimmons are small and full of seeds. I have tried several methods none of which are satisfactory. The Juice Mate clogs, a colander smears the pulp around inside and not through the holes. I usually resort to using my hands. This is a messy proposition at best.

A neighbor reports using a food mill finding this a reasonably efficient way to extract pulp from the skin and seeds. I am going to try this method for the ones stored in the refrigerator. I would be willing to collect more and develop more recipes if the pulp was easier to obtain.

Persimmon and black walnut would be a great, timely pairing for fall foods at Five Feline Farm.

What methods do you use to extract persimmon pulp? Do you have a favorite persimmon recipe?

Please share in the comments section.

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