A Week at the Farm

Here’s a glimpse of an average week at Five Feline Farm.

In addition to work at our regular jobs:

Nasturtiums, marigolds and brussels sprouts were added to the seedlings started in the basement grow area. The tomatoes, peppers, and herbs are about 2 inches tall and will need to be moved into larger pots before long.

The next step in the basement remodel has been completed. The pantry wall was transformed from old temporary barn wood siding to new slick car siding. The remaining walls await a decision on their fate. Every project ends with the statement: “We are not doing any more home improvement.” After a few days, the soreness will wear off and we’ll start planning the next project.

And now, relaxing with the Super Bowl. Neither team is a particular favorite, but the commercials are worth watching. Our favorites: Jeep and the Clydesdales.


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