Eat Healthy

What can you do to eat just a little bit healthier?

First, buy local whenever possible.

The farmer’s markets will begin soon. Just a bit of planning can have you looking for those growers in your area. Be cautious though. Some farmer’s markets have vendors that truck in vegetables from miles away. Although these people need to make a living too, this is not much different than buying your food at a national grocery store.

Next, learn what vegetables are in season.

When you eat seasonal foods, you do a couple of things for yourself. One is save money. Foods are abundant when they are in season, so the cost is lower. Seasonal plus local equals higher quality. The food has less time between farm and table so it retains more nutrients.

Grow your own.

Ok, everyone can’t grow their own vegetables due to space or time constraints. But maybe you can join in with a friend who has a garden. Check to see if there is a community garden plot available. If those are not options everyone surely has room for a pot of basil or chives on the window sill. Fresh herbs make everything taste better.

At Five Feline Farm we are striving to grow as much of our own food as possible. Keep checking back for updates on what is in season. You may even see a suggestion or two on how to use these garden goodies.


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