Week 1 of the Menu Challenge

Last week I issued a challenge to myself to plan the week’s meals in advance. Many of you joined me in this challenge. Thank you to everyone who posted your menus and ideas. Here’s what I learned in this very first week.

Start Earlier

I did a lot of thinking about my plan but I didn’t actually put anything into practice until Sunday evening. It was 3:30 PM before I went to the store and began prepping ingredients. That created a bottleneck in supper preparations and getting everything done that I wanted to do. (Yes, we do call the evening meal supper around here.) After 2-1/2 hours everything was cleaned, packaged and planned for the week. A refrigerator full of prepared lunches and snacks ready to grab and go. I have a written menu plan so I know exactly what we will eat each evening. The planning and pareparation was worth the effort.

Be Flexible

The menu is posted not only on social media, but also prominently displayed in the kitchen. Monday and Tuesday went according to plan. I walked in from work, glanced at the menu and within a half hour, supper was on the table.

Wednesday found us with an unexpected change in schedule. We could not get home in time for a home cooked meal, so ended up eating at a restaurant. I hereby give us all permission to vary from our plan when the need arises. There are things you just cannot control and when that happens, adjust.

Refrigerator Betrayal

On Sunday, I started this adventure with a thorough cleaning of the refrigerator. I purged the contents, removed all of the shelves and wiped down all surfaces. It gleamed. I was so proud of my efforts.

Tuesday morning, we awoke to a strange rattle coming from the fridge. The motor sounded as if it were attempting to grind something into submission. Inside the refrigerator compartment, items were still cool, but not cold. The freezer had been malfunctioning long enough to turn ice cream into soup and thaw meat. We quickly moved all contents to the spare refrigerator in the garage and began planning to repair or replace.

The next couple of days may find slight adjustments to the posted menu in order not to waste a few things that were thawed. Thankfully, we caught it early enough that no major losses occured.

Next Week

My menu challenge theme for next week is A World Tour….each evening will feature a dish from a different culture or cuisine.

Will you join next week’s challenge?