The History of Five Feline Farm

Hello from Five Feline Farm, a modern homestead.

Established in 2008 on 5.5 acres in Central Illinois, the first question is whether or not we are a cat rescue. We are not, although all of the felines here have been rescued. The name honors the number of felines that moved to the Farm with us.Photo Dec 07, 2 21 43 PM

Sadly the original five have crossed the rainbow bridge.

What is a modern homestead?

This small farm serves as an outlet for our creativity and interests. But it is more than that. It is where we live and strive to find a middle ground between learning the skill sets of our ancestors and taking advantage of modern conveniences.

Our focus is on eating well, living well and sharing how we do this with others.

Each year we expand the gardens. Every new season finds us trying new crops, varieties and techniques to determine what works best. The goal is to grow and preserve as much of our own food as possible, with the exception of meat. Although we remain carnivores on a limited basis, we just can’t quite get into butchering.

So Five Feline Farm has become our way of life; always experimenting with new things and sharing what we learn.

We started with gardens, orchards and honeybees which led us to our local farmer’s market and included selling baked goods along with vegetables and hive products. In time we added an onsite store called “The Mercantile” which allowed for a climate controlled venue.

 In 2022 we made the difficult decision to close the onsite store to concentrate on the education facet of our business. We have books and courses available now, more are in development.

Our latest venture has been fiction. The first novel published by Five Feline Farm Press is The Inheritance: A Novel by JK Miller.

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