Five Feline Farm

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All the Buzz

Last week we attended Bee School sponsored by the Crossroads Beekeepers out of Effingham. There were several displays and vendors in addition to an excellent workshop format. We attended the section on Managing the Established Hive and found out we are doing many things right. We got some good ideas about things to do in […]

A Week at the Farm

Here’s a glimpse of an average week at Five Feline Farm. In addition to work at our regular jobs: Nasturtiums, marigolds and brussels sprouts were added to the seedlings started in the basement grow area. The tomatoes, peppers, and herbs are about 2 inches tall and will need to be moved into larger pots before […]

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Gardening season starts in January here at Five Feline Farm. Planning The first task in any gardener’s year is to determine what to grow. Here at the Farm, we concentrate on vegetables we can preserve for winter and those we can eat fresh. It is important to keep the garden plans from year to year […]