How To Do Anything

I walked 250 miles.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that number show up on my Fitbit app. That is a long way. It’s like walking from St. Louis to Indianapolis.

Or Fort Worth to Houston.

Or Sherman’s march to the sea from Atlanta to Savannah.

I didn’t think about walking that far. I had no specific plan to go 250 miles on foot. I didn’t sign up for a marathon or even a 5K. I wasn’t training for any long distance event. But there it was in black and white.

250 miles.

Here’s the catch: I didn’t do it all at once. I did it one step at a time over a period of time. Day after day, putting one foot in front of the other, going about my daily activitiy. Some days I moved more than others. Occasionally I was on my feet almost all day and logged a lot of steps. Most of the time it was a few thousand steps. But it all added up.

Seeing that number made me think. I realized I had completed a significant distance even though it took a while.

The same thing is true in building this Farm business or doing anything of value. It’s hard work and sometimes it goes slow. But if I do at least one thing toward the goal every day, over time it will bear fruit. One day I will look back over 250 tasks and find that a lot has been accomplished.

The key is to be patient in the process. Continue to do each task as it comes even when the goal is far off. Even when it feels like nothing is getting done. In those dark days, I just have to put one foot in front of the other.

250 miles is walked one step at a time.

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