2019 in Review

This has been a momentous year for Five Feline Farm. Much has changed, but our core desire to serve our customers has not.

First the changes:

—We both retired from our “day jobs”.

—Donna was awarded the Paul Overton award at EIU for outstanding service to off campus adult students.

—She was also recognized as an Outstanding Master Gardener.

—Honey Bee published her first book “Honey Bee Comes to the Farm.”

—In July we started attending a second farmer’s market each week. In addition to our regular attendance at the 18th St. Farmer’s Market in Charleston every Saturday morning, we also are at the Casey Market Thyme on Friday mornings. Both, of course are only during the market season.

—The Mercantile has expanded days of operation from October through December.

—The inside of the Mercantile continues to expand and have finish work completed.

—We have expanded and refined our product line; adding soaps, shampoo bars, re-naming balms, new scone flavors, and mini-pies.

What has not changed:

—Our dedication to high quality, hand crafted products.

—The desire to grow and expand Five Feline Farm.

—Our commitment to value our customers and enhance your lives through fun, quality products and education.

As always, you can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For a real treat, listen to our weekly podcast: Farm Chatter.