The Inheritance: A Novel


This is the debut novel by JK Miller following the story of Ivory Bainbridge, an up-and-coming chef in Chicago who mysteriously inherits a farmhouse in rural Missouri. Read Ivory’s journey from big city life to unfamiliar rural isolation and her inheritance of far more than she could have expected.

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Ivory Bainbridge thought she had it all figured out. On the cusp of achieving her dream career of owning a restaurant and bar in the heart of Chicago, the only thing standing in her way is debt. Then life throws her a curveball.

When she mysteriously inherits a farmhouse at the end of a road in Missouri, she is thrust into a world of beliefs she doesn’t understand.

Selling the property will pay her mounting debt and give her enough extra to make a down payment on her dream. Could this be the big break she needs?

Standing in her way is a catch: she has to live on the property for six months. But Lisa McHale, the resentful granddaughter of her benefactor, is going to make sure she doesn’t.

As Ivory navigates life in an unfamiliar world, why do strangers keep showing up at her door, all for the same reason? And who is the eccentric elderly woman who befriends her? This odd woman and her wisdom with plants and herbs. might hold the key to understanding why Ivory, an outsider, was chosen to inherit.

Is she truly an outsider, or does she belong in this quaint town more than she ever could have imagined?

Follow Ivory on her journey from big city life to unfamiliar rural isolation, during which she realizes she has inherited far more than just an old house outside a small town.

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