Five Feline Farm

Living and Promoting a Sustainable Life

Naming the Farm

Where did the name Five Feline Farm originate? Five cats call this place home. There was no deliberate plan to get five, it just happened. Of the current group, Snowball and Phantom came first. Their mother started hanging around when we lived in town and delivered these two boys. Although there were some limited attempts […]

Spring at the Farm

There are many things to love about spring time at Five Feline Farm. Morels Trillium Rain drops on Liliac buds It just doesn’t get any better than this.

Spring into Busy

We have been busy here at Five Feline Farm. The temperatures are starting to climb, the grass is greening and it is time to get outside and do all those things that winter prevented. Start the Garden Tender Plants in the Greenhouse Netting Cage for Strawberries Goldfish Pond Reset Fruit Trees Blooming Ahh Spring.

How To Achieve Sore Muscles in 3 Easy Steps

The large goldfish pond needed an update with an improved water feature and pump/filtration system. It has been losing water and the cattails were out of control. Step 1. Cut out cattails. This is easier said than done. Cattails develop a gnarly set of roots that entwine anything in their path. Imagine 18 inch thick […]