Five Feline Farm

Living and Promoting a Sustainable Life

5 Reasons to Start Keeping Bees

You can ask any beekeeper why they started keeping bees and each will have a story to tell. Below are our top five reasons for beginning an apiary in order of importance. Honey We are interested in eating local food as much as possible. Since there is nothing more local than your own backyard, keeping […]

Beneficial Weeds

A new look at weeds A weed is a weed is a weed. Except when it is a useful tool around the Farm. We look at weeds differently now that we are living in the country and striving to be more sustainable. Weeds as food Certain weeds with attractive flowers are visited by bees collecting […]

Eat Your Landscape

At Five Feline Farm we eat our landscape. It’s not what you think. We are not grazing on grass or nibbling the bark off trees. But there are a lot of things we do eat from the land. Wild Things Black raspberries and blackberries are abundant. In fact these are so plentiful, we have had […]

eSCAPE to the Farm

Escape to Five Feline Farm to experience a GARLIC SCAPE. Mentioning garlic scapes draws a puzzled look from many folks. They don’t seem to know about using garlic scapes. Or for that matter what these delectable little morsels are anyway. Scapes are the white end of the garlic plant that looks somewhat like it is […]