Five Feline Farm

Living and Promoting a Sustainable Life

Persimmon Seeds and Wooly Worms

Somewhere in history someone came up with the idea that the color of wooly worms in the fall indicates the type of winter that will follow. The darker the coat the colder the winter. A striped coat means a varied winter. Lighter colors mean snow. And who started this tradition of cutting persimmon seeds to […]

Making Herb Butter

Five Feline Farm produces not only vegetables and fruit but an array of herbs to complement any dish. Unfortunately, the growing season is coming to a close in Central Illinois, so it is time to pick some herbs to be held over for winter use. Herbs can be dried and stored in glass jars or […]

Farm Tours and Future Plans

Two weeks ago we hosted a tour of Five Feline Farm for the EIU Academy of Life Long Learning. Twenty participants were treated to a presentation about the bees and life on the Farm. One question posed by a number of participants was “where are you going with this hobby farm concept?”. The honest answer […]

Natural Pest Control

On Five Feline Farm we strive to do things as naturally and organically as possible. To this end we use a natural pest control system across the Farm. This involves companion plantings, sprays that are made of natural sources and working with nature instead of against. In the garden we had put up clanging pans […]