Five Feline Farm

Living and Promoting a Sustainable Life

Toasted Almond Honey Ice Cream

Five Feline Farm is a blend of old and new. We maintain a respect for history and the skills of our ancestors, but definitely appreciate the new approaches. For example, ice cream. People have been making ice cream since 200 B.C. with fruit, cream, nuts and various sweeteners frozen together. There is ice cream, sorbet, […]

Sugar Cane in Illinois?

Do you remember the old commercial for C&H sugar? C&H. Pure cane sugar. From Hawaii. Growing in the sun. Did you know you can grow sugar cane in Illinois too? Ok, maybe not as a cash crop or in the quantities needed to process granulated sugar. But you can grow it. This past summer, on […]

Threshing Wheat

Does anyone this day and age spend their Sunday afternoon threshing wheat? Probably not. Last Sunday at Five Feline Farm, we did. At least we made a good start. This wasn’t a massive operation. More of an experiment. What if we could grow and harvest enough wheat to make a loaf of bread? What would […]

Three Sisters Update

As our regular followers know, the premier area this year is the Three Sisters Garden. Like most things around Five Feline Farm, a simple idea grows and expands into much more. This garden feature started with a vision of a simple garden plot in a Native American style. Corn supporting climbing beans, surrounded by yellow […]