Five Feline Farm

Living and Promoting a Sustainable Life

Eat Your Landscape

At Five Feline Farm we eat our landscape. It’s not what you think. We are not grazing on grass or nibbling the bark off trees. But there are a lot of things we do eat from the land. Wild Things Black raspberries and blackberries are abundant. In fact these are so plentiful, we have had […]

eSCAPE to the Farm

Escape to Five Feline Farm to experience a GARLIC SCAPE. Mentioning garlic scapes draws a puzzled look from many folks. They don’t seem to know about using garlic scapes. Or for that matter what these delectable little morsels are anyway. Scapes are the white end of the garlic plant that looks somewhat like it is […]

40,000 Angry Bees

Ever wonder what it’s like to have 40,000 stinger equipped insects upset with you? Visitors to the Farm have many questions about the honeybees. One of the first is usually “Do you have one of those suits?” The answer is “yes”. We both have a full suit that has an integrated hat and veil. Wrists […]

Naming the Farm

Where did the name Five Feline Farm originate? Five cats call this place home. There was no deliberate plan to get five, it just happened. Of the current group, Snowball and Phantom came first. Their mother started hanging around when we lived in town and delivered these two boys. Although there were some limited attempts […]