Five Feline Farm

Living and Promoting a Sustainable Life

Dormant Oil Spray

Like the rest of the Midwest, Five Feline Farm has experienced a brutal winter. Temperatures below zero much of the time, relentless snow and today there is sleet. There is usually a window of opportunity in February when temperatures climb above freezing. The buds of the fruit trees begin to show signs of swelling but […]

Three Sisters

Five Feline Farm is planning a garden area on the south end of the property to showcase new crops as well as heritage varieties of familiar crops. In time, a garden shed, marked pathways and dedicated plant beds will be added. Visitors can expect to see this area expand and develop over the next two […]

Planning for the New Year

January 1, 2014. You wouldn’t think there is much to do on a hobby farm on January 1, but there is always some task underway here at Five Feline Farm. This is the time of year we start planning the garden and any new plots that will be developed. Not only does this give us […]

A Letter from Snowball

Five Feline Farm is pleased to host a guest post written by Snowball before he crossed to the Grand Catdom. Dear Five Feline Farm followers: If you are reading this letter, you will know that I have gone to a place where my bones no longer ache. I can eat again without choking and have […]